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Panel data estimation of the intergenerational correlation of incomes

The impact of globalisation on work capability

Estimation of SEM with GARCH errors

Testing uncovered interest rate parity and term structure using three-regime threshold unit root VECM: an application to the Swiss “Isle” of interest rates

Testing the ‘Inaction Corridor’ in a three-regime threshold error correction model with an application to a Buffer-Stock model for US money demand

Measuring welfare: latent variable models for happiness and capabilities in the presence of unobservable heterogeneity

Explaining fiscal balances with a simultaneous equation model of revenue and expenditure: a case study of Swiss cantons using panel data

Estimating basic capabilities: a structural equation model applied to Bolivia

On exact statistical properties of multidimensional indices based on principal components, factor analysis, MIMIC and structural equation models

Coping with health-care costs: implications for the measurement of catastrophic expenditures and poverty


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