About Infonet Economy


Infonet Economy aims to provide a single point of access to electronic publications and information to enhance economic resources from Swiss institutions. It seeks to promote exchanges between institutions that produce economic information.

Launched as part of the innovation and cooperation project "E-lib.ch : Swiss electronic library", the Infonet Economy project aims to create a portal of sources in economics / business management using Web 2.0 technologies, structured around three main axes:
  • the development of a national network of libraries and institutes specialized in business / economics, according to a participative model
  • access to the publications of the partners' network
  • a more general access to all useful sources of economic information in Switzerland


The Infonet Economy website contains the following elements:
  • a directory to all useful economic information sources for Switzerland (extension of the directory of sources Areso to all regions of Switzerland - directory of economic resources of Western Switzerland)
  • a directory of the various Swiss economic actors producing economic studies / economic information (universities, secondary schools, specialized institutes, specialized agencies, etc.)
  • the electronic publications of the partner organizations sorted out by subject and by institution
  • a space dedicated to the diffusion of current economic news and events

Become a partner? Contact us at the address below.


Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève, Département Information documentaire
Campus de Battelle
Bâtiment F
7, Rte de Drize
CH - 1227 Carouge
E-mail :
Tél.: 022 388 17 00